Intelligent Automation in Energy & Commodities Trading Industry

It includes crude oil, heating oil, natural gas, and gasoline. Global economic developments and reduced oil outputs from established oil wells around the world have historically led to rising oil prices, as demand for energy-related products has gone up at the same time that oil supplies have dwindled.

Today’s energy and commodities industries power and feed the world economy. The efficient and effective operation of these projects is vital to sustained energy growth and environmental support. By utilizing Intertek’s global energy and commodity testing, inspection, and certification services, businesses can design, develop, manufacture, and run more successful and valuable products and processes.

Commodities are the raw materials that the modern world depends upon for manufactured materials, products, and food. We help producers, distributors, and processors of these raw materials benefit from optimizing their quality control, loss control, and financial risk reduction. Products and processes are all enhanced by partnering with Intertek, leading to a more successful product and path for all involved.

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Digital Transformation is Reshaping the Energy and Commodities industry

We are a professional solution provider in the Energy and Commodities business across Power, Water & Wastewater, Renewable, Electric vehicles, Microgrid,  gold, oil, and natural gas. We help them to grow in the right direction by proving digital technology infrastructure & company security, platform & network services, etc. to increase their quality of service and productivity. We also address the utility industry’s challenges with our continuous investments in ingenious ideas and solutions.